A suite of retopology tools for Blender

RetopoFlow Debugging

If you run into an issue while using RetopoFlow, you can report it via Product Support on Blender Market or by creating an issue via GitHub RetopoFlow Issues. These RetopoFlow issues covers bugs within RetopoFlow or unexpected behavior of tools.

Note: support via GitHub will be limited to fixing RetopoFlow bugs. The Blender Market route will provide you premium support.

Whichever path of support you take, there are a few things to keep in mind to help us in debugging and fixing the issue as quickly as possible. The list below contain a few of these.

Terminal / Console Output

Sometimes an issue is caused by a different part of code than what is reported. By design, we do not report all the information in RetopoFlow, but that information might be critical to solving the issue. You can access the additional information through the system terminal / console.

Note: There might be a lot of info in there (have to scroll), so be sure to copy all of the text from the terminal / console.

Built-in Deep Debugging

This simplest way to report the terminal output is to enable Deep Debugging.

Note: you will need to restart Blender after enabling.

When Deep Debugging is enabled, all terminal output will be redirected to a text file.



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Option 1:

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