A suite of retopology tools for Blender

PolyPen Help

Shortcut: 5, Ctrl+Alt+V

The PolyPen tool provides absolute control for creating complex topology on a vertex-by-vertex basis (e.g., low-poly game models). This tool lets you insert vertices, extrude edges, fill faces, and transform the subsequent geometry all within one tool and in just a few clicks.


Ctrl+LMB, Ctrl+LMB+Double : insert geometry connected to selected geometry


LMB+Click, Shift+LMB+Click : select geometry
LMB+Drag, Shift+LMB+Drag : paint geometry selection
Ctrl+Shift+LMB+Click : select along shortest path
A : select / deselect all
Alt+A : deselect all


G : grab and move selected geometry
LMB+Drag : grab and move selected geometry under mouse
Shift+S : smooths edge flow of selected geometry
R : rotate selected geometry
S : scale selected geometry


Backspace, Delete, X : delete/dissolve/collapse selected
V : rip selected edge
Alt+V : rip and fill selected edge

Insertion Modes

Creating vertices/edges/faces is dependent on the selected mode and the selected geometry. Switch between modes using the PolyPen Options, or hold Shift+Q, ~ to bring up a the PolyPen pie menu.

Triangle/Quad Insert Mode

The Tri/Quad mode is the normal mode for PolyPen.

Selecting an edge and clicking onto another edge will create a quad in one step.

Quad-Only Insert Mode

The Quad-Only mode reduces the number of clicks for creating a strip of quads.

Selecting an edge and clicking onto another edge will create a quad in one step.

Triangle-Only Insert Mode

The Tri-Only mode is similar to the Tri/Quad mode, except without the step that turns the selected triangle into a quad.

Edge-Only Insert Mode

The Edge-Only mode inserts only edges.

Additional Tips

The PolyPen tool can be used like a knife, cutting vertices into existing edges for creating new topology routes.