A suite of retopology tools for Blender

Strokes Help

Shortcut: 3, Ctrl+Alt+B

The Strokes tool helps fill in holes in your topology. This tool lets you insert edge strips and extruding edges by brushing a stroke on the source.


Ctrl+LMB, Ctrl+LMB+Double : insert edge strip and bridge from selected geometry
+, =, Shift+ArrowUp, Shift+WheelUp : increase span/loop counts in bridge
-, Shift+ArrowDown, Shift+WheelDown : decrease span/loop counts in bridge


LMB+Click, Shift+LMB+Click : select edges
LMB+Double, Shift+LMB+Double : smart select loop
LMB+Drag, Shift+LMB+Drag : paint edge selection
Ctrl+Shift+LMB+Click : select edges along shortest path
A : select / deselect all
Alt+A : deselect all


LMB+Drag : grab and slide selected geometry under mouse
G : slide selected loop


Backspace, Delete, X : delete/dissolve/collapse selected

Span Insertion Modes

When extruding a strip, you can specify the number of spans to create using two different modes: Brush Size and Fixed. Switch between span insert modes using the Strokes Options, or hold Shift+Q, ~ to bring up a the Strokes pie menu.

If the Span Insert Mode is set to Brush Size, the number of spans will be created to have a size approximately the size of the brush. This means that a smaller brush will insert more, smaller spans, and a larger brush will insert fewer, larger spans.

If the Span Insert Mode is set to Fixed, the number of spans will be exactly equal to the number specified by Fixed spans.


Creating geometry is dependent on your selection:

Note: only edges on boundary of target are considered in selection.

If stroke starts or ends on existing vertex, the Strokes tool will try to bridge the extruded geometry.