A suite of retopology tools for Blender

Patches Help

Shortcut: 4, Ctrl+Alt+F

The Patches tool helps fill in holes in your topology. Select the strip of boundary edges that you wish to fill.


Ctrl+Shift+LMB : toggle vertex as a corner
Enter, F, NumEnter : create visualized patch
+, =, Shift+ArrowUp, Shift+WheelUp : increase segment count when bridging
-, Shift+ArrowDown, Shift+WheelDown : decrease segment count when bridging


LMB+Click, Shift+LMB+Click : select edge
LMB+Double, Shift+LMB+Double : smart select boundary edges
LMB+Drag, Shift+LMB+Drag : paint edge selection
Ctrl+Shift+LMB+Click : select edges along shortest path
A : select / deselect all
Alt+A : deselect all


LMB+Drag : grab and move selected geometry under mouse
G : grab and move selected geometry


The Patches tool currently only handles a limited number of selected regions. More support coming soon!

If no pre-visualized regions show after selection, no geometry will be created after pressing Enter, F, NumEnter.

Adjust the Angle parameter to help Patches determine which connected edges should be in the same strip. Alternatively, you can manually toggle vertex corners using Shift+LMB.