A suite of retopology tools for Blender

RetopoFlow Change List

This document contains details about what has changed in RetopoFlow since version 2.x.

RetopoFlow 3.4.2→3.4.3

RetopoFlow 3.4.1→3.4.2

RetopoFlow 3.4.0→3.4.1

RetopoFlow 3.3.0→3.4.0

This version of RetopoFlow requires Blender 3.6 or later.

RetopoFlow 3.2.9→3.3.0

RetopoFlow 3.2.8→3.2.9

RetopoFlow 3.2.7→3.2.8

RetopoFlow 3.2.6→3.2.7

RetopoFlow 3.2.5→3.2.6

RetopoFlow 3.2.4→3.2.5

RetopoFlow 3.2.3→3.2.4

RetopoFlow 3.2.2→3.2.3

RetopoFlow 3.2.1→3.2.2

RetopoFlow 3.2.0→3.2.1

RetopoFlow 3.1.0→3.2.0

RetopoFlow 3.00.2→3.1.0

RetopoFlow 3.00.1→3.00.2

RetopoFlow 3.00.0→3.00.1

RetopoFlow 2.x→3.00.0

Blender versions

As of the time of this release, RetopoFlow has been tested to work well with Blender 2.83 (LTS)–2.92α.

Note: This version of RetopoFlow will not work in Blender 2.79b or earlier.

Version 2.x→3.x Notes

In RetopoFlow 2.x, we completely rewrote the framework so that RF acts like any other Blender mode (like Edit Mode, Sculpt Mode, Vertex Paint Mode). Choosing one of the tools from the RetopoFlow panel will start RetopoFlow Mode with the chosen tool selected.

Although the underlying framework has changed significantly, RetopoFlow 3.x uses a similar workflow to RetopoFlow 2.x.

When RetopoFlow Mode is enabled, all parts of Blender outside the 3D view will be darkened (and disabled) and windows will be added to the 3D view. These windows allow you to switch between RF tools, set tool options, and get more information. Also, this one-time Welcome message will greet you.

New Framework

Due to some significant changes in the Blender 2.80 Python API, we had to rewrite a few key parts of RetopoFlow, specifically the rendering and UI. Rather than keeping these updates only for RetopoFlow users, we decided to build the changes into a new framework called CookieCutter. The CookieCutter framework has several brand new systems to handle states, UI drawing and interaction, debugging and exceptions, rendering, and much more. CookieCutter was built from the ground up to be a maintainable, extensible, and configurable framework for Blender add-ons.

The new RetopoFlow sits on top of the CookieCutter framework, and we are excited to show off CookieCutter’s features through RetopoFlow!

But with any unveiling on new things, there are new bugs and performance issues. Our hope is that these problems will be much easier to fix in the new CookieCutter framework. We will need your help, though. If you notice a bug, please report it on the Blender Market or on GitHub.