A suite of retopology tools for Blender

PolyStrips Help

Shortcut: 2, Ctrl+Alt+P

The PolyStrips tool provides quick and easy ways to map out key face loops for complex models. For example, if you need to retopologize a human face, creature, or any other complex organic or hard-surface object.

PolyStrips works by hand drawing strokes on to the high-resolution source object. The strokes are instantly converted into spline-based strips of polygons.

Any continuous quad strip may be manipulated with PolyStrips via the auto-generated spline handles.


Ctrl+LMB, Ctrl+LMB+Double : draw strip of quads
F : adjust brush size
LMB+Drag : grab and move selected geometry
+, =, Shift+ArrowUp, Shift+WheelUp : increase segment counts in selected strip
-, Shift+ArrowDown, Shift+WheelDown : decrease segment counts in selected strip


LMB+Click, Shift+LMB+Click : select face
LMB+Drag, Shift+LMB+Drag : paint face selection
Ctrl+Shift+LMB+Click : select faces along shortest path
A : select / deselect all
Alt+A : deselect all

Control Points

The following actions apply to when the mouse is hovering over control points of selected strip.

LMB+Drag : grab and move control point under mouse
Shift+LMB : grab and move all inner control points around neighboring outer control point
Ctrl+Shift+LMB : scale strip width by dragging on inner control point


LMB+Drag : grab and move selected geometry under mouse
G : grab and move selected geometry


Backspace, Delete, X : delete/dissolve/collapse selected
V : rip selected edge
Alt+V : rip and fill selected edge