A suite of retopology tools for Blender

Contours Help

Shortcut: 1, Ctrl+Alt+C

The Contours tool gives you a quick and easy way to retopologize cylindrical forms. For example, it’s ideal for organic forms, such as arms, legs, tentacles, tails, horns, etc.

The tool works by drawing strokes perpendicular to the form to define the contour of the shape. Each additional stroke drawn will either extrude the current selection or cut a new loop into the edges drawn over.

You may draw strokes in any order, from any direction.


Ctrl+LMB, Ctrl+LMB+Double : draw contour stroke perpendicular to form. newly created contour extends selection if applicable.
+, =, Shift+ArrowUp, Shift+WheelUp : increase segment counts in selected loop
-, Shift+ArrowDown, Shift+WheelDown : decrease segment counts in selected loop
Enter, F, NumEnter : bridge selected edge loops


LMB+Click, Shift+LMB+Click : select edge
LMB+Double, Shift+LMB+Double : smart select loop
LMB+Drag, Shift+LMB+Drag : paint edge selection
Ctrl+Shift+LMB+Click : select edges along shortest path
A : select / deselect all
Alt+A : deselect all


LMB+Drag : grab and slide selected geometry under mouse
G : slide selected loop
R : rotate selected loop in plane
R, Shift+R : rotate selected loop in screen
Shift+S : smooths edge flow of selected geometry


Backspace, Delete, X : delete/dissolve/collapse selected